This hybrid approach gives client teams real-time reactions to ideas, prototypes, or packages, balancing the breadth across stimuli and respondent segments with the depth to ensure actionable insights.

QualLab sessions combine up to 30 consumers in one room responding to various forms of stimuli (concepts, ideas, taste tests, packaging, and so much more) via key-pad technology followed by an in-depth qualitative focus group or series of individual interviews. An expert researcher guides client teams through results real-time and in graphic form, as respondents answer questions on each stimulus.

After the stimuli reaction session, an expert facilitator enables the client team to deftly interpret the learning and select the best respondents for the in-depth discussion. During this in-depth discussion with hand-selected respondents, an expert qualitative researcher delves into the why behind the initial reactions to help client teams:

  • Select the best options
  • Optimize options to make them stronger
  • Understand the drivers of winning (and losing) ideas

Ipsos Understanding UnLtd. (IUU) is proud to provide three customizable lab solutions:


IdeaLab amplifies the IUU expertise in idea development and in big idea identification. Offering the perfect combination of consumer driven convergence and deep insight, IdeaLab provides an environment for IUU expert researchers to assess dozens of ideas in one day, across multiple consumer segments, and uncover critical or confusing language in top ideas.

The IUU team can also combine IdeaLab with other innovative solutions to guide client teams through idea generation to breakthrough, fully fleshed out ideas in a matter of days or weeks, not months!


IUU expert researchers have worked with dozens of food, fragrance, and sensorial brands. SensoryLab combines their experience with the Lab technology to evaluate multiple executions with up to 30 consumers at the same time.With unique approaches for taste, scent, tactile or auditory prototypes, IUU sensorial experts identify the top consumer-selected executions and then uncover the drivers and attributes of each.


Building on decades of package research expertise, IUU introduces PackLab to augment the IUU Package Development Process. The IUU PackLab enables client teams to assess multiple mood boards, prototypes or packcepts across several consumer segments simultaneously. Further, IUU package research experts uncover which visual cues best deliver against the design objectives, which do not, and why. Results – stronger package design early in the initiative development process!


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