Not-For-Profit / NGO Research

Our specialists serve a wide range of local, national, and international not-for-profit organizations, including associations, advocacy groups, charities and foundations. We provide customized research services to each client, plus syndicated studies on topical issues.

Typical areas of enquiry include: identifying and profiling your key target audiences, advocacy and message testing; measuring and enhancing stakeholder satisfaction, proprietary attitudinal segmentation analysis, reputation analysis, advertising testing, support for media releases, growing donor dollars, and better understanding the needs of stakeholders, members, donors, and volunteers.

Because of our size, Ipsos has a unique capability to talk to almost any group. Whether you want to reach a nationally or internationally representative sample of adults, a representative sample of your city, youth, your current or lapsed members/donors, elite audiences, key stakeholders, and those who are interested in your cause, Ipsos has the ability to find the group that meets your needs.

Featured Products & Tools

  • Canadian Donors and You
    Canadian Donors and You

    A comprehensive report that features customized proprietary profiles of each subscribing organization's past donors and potential future donors, as well as a psychographic donor segmentation and overview of the Canadian donor market with donor demographics, motivations for giving, and communication and solicitation preferences

  • Donor Relationship Management for Charities
    Donor Relationship Management for Charities

    A syndicated study carefully designed to explore the attitudes and beliefs of Canadians, including why they give, how they prefer to be approached and recognized for their donation, their feelings about using external fundraisers, and the costs of raising a dollar.

  • Strategic Planning for Charities
    Strategic Planning for Charities

    A syndicated study examining Canadians attitudes about the importance of planning, achieving objectives, trust in your organization, and the impact of these attitudes on revenue generation.



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