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Ipsos is pleased to announce the launch of Ipsos Connect, a global specialized business to co-ordinate Ipsos services in the domains of Brand Communication, Advertising and Media. Ipsos Connect amalgamates the legacy brands of Ipsos ASI and Ipsos MediaCT.

As the world of brand communications, advertising and media become increasingly complex, fragmented and digitalized, Ipsos has made the decision to help our clients better embrace this modern complexity. Ipsos will be connecting the world class knowledge of both Ipsos ASI and Ipsos MediaCT in brand, advertising and media research, with investment in new approaches and products that will fit with the digital age.

In marketing and communications, there are very few topics that trigger as many client questions as those about the changes in media consumption behaviour, the new forms of advertising and communication, the intrusion of social networks to balance and sometimes counter the top-down speeches of brands and media, the fragmentation of media channels and the growing importance of content to attract audiences. Ipsos Connect aims to be the preferred global partner for companies to measure and amplify how media, brands and consumers connect through compelling content and great communication.

Our full range of advertising research solutions help clients make the best decisions at all stages of the advertising development process and to maximize the return on their advertising investment. Our commitment is to provide holistic, integrated insights to advertisers that help in the development, evaluation, and improvement of their advertising efforts and, ultimately, to help them build stronger brands.

Our advertising research products will enable you to:

  • Measure marketing brand equity
  • Optimize the touchpoints that connect your brand with your consumers
  • Improve creative development to nurture great, holistic brand communications.
  • Monitor and assess communications in-market.

We are committed to working with you to "measure what matters" to your advertising success. With our full range of advertising research tools, you will be sure that you are making the best decisions at all stages of the advertising development process.


JimMeyer Jim Meyer
Ipsos ASI in North America


LanaBusignani Lana Busignani
President, ASI US
Ipsos ASI


GordonBingham Gordon Bingham
President, ASI Canada
Ipsos ASI

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