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Good qualitative research can find answers to the deeper motivational questions that start with why and how.

Ipsos is one of the few market research companies that offers clients in-house qualitative as well as quantitative research on a global basis.

Our qualitative specialists explore the underlying issues, ideas, and values driving consumer attitudes and behaviors.

Main advantages of Ipsos Qualitative

  • A team of highly qualified in-house moderators with extensive backgrounds in psychology, sociology, anthropology, linguistics and client-side marketing
  • Extensive experience in all sectors, including B2B, sensitive issues, low interest categories
  • A range of projective techniques, to help consumers move beyond the rational and express deeply held thoughts and feelings
  • Ongoing development of new qualitative techniques that leverage inputs coming from ethnography, semiotics, co-creation philosophy, conflict theory
  • Online capabilities

Products & Tools »

  • QualBlog

    Built around a robust blogging engine, QualBlog provides research participants a secure, easy, and fun way to journal their thoughts.

  • QualSpace

    QualSpace is a real-time tool, enabling consumers to more accurately remember triggers for their decisions and behaviors.

  • QualText

    QualText allows our qualitative research consultant to chat with consumers in their natural habitats - and in their most relaxed states.

  • QualLab

    QualLab sessions combine up to 30 consumers in one room responding to various forms stimuli via key-pad technology.

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