The Ipsos Affluent Survey USA

The definitive source of information about the lives, lifestyles, spending and media habits of 68.5 million Affluent Americans with $100k+ household income.

Now in its 39th year, the Ipsos Affluent Survey USA is the industry standard currency study for guiding communications strategies, media planning, marketing, and new product development targeting Affluent Americans.

  • Single-source cross-media data: Media consumption metrics on both traditional and new media platforms provide users with a complete understanding of the multi-dimensional reach of media brands. Marketers can now see how elements such as websites, social media, mobile apps, and other media electronic forms extend a brand’s connection with audiences.
  • Robust & projectable: The survey is based on a rigorous methodology, using a sophisticated online sampling technique, to ensure accurate and projectable results.
  • Elite & customizable: With a sample of 15,000+, the survey permits customized analyses of elite segments such as those with $250K+ HHI or $1 million in investable assets.
  • Insightful & actionable: The extensive online survey combines attitudinal questions with product purchase and usage data resulting in rich consumer insights. Integrated with our cross-media platform data, these insights bring communications planning to the highest possible level.

The Ipsos Affluent Survey content includes…


  • Age, gender, education
  • Marital status
  • Household & personal income
  • Net worth & liquid assets
  • Household/family composition
  • Occupation, title, industry

Consumer Insights

  • 50 planned life events
  • 32 sports/exercise activities
  • 49 leisure/cultural activities
  • 136 psychographics
  • 153 spending categories
  • Over 1,300 brands across 20 categories

Media Use

  • Cross-platform measurement of 290 media brands
  • 38 advertising touchpoints
  • 34 categories of mobile apps
  • 53 video genres
  • 100 TV networks
  • 11 online streaming services
  • 8 radio networks
  • 137 publications
  • 292 web sites

Affluent Research Platform

  • A powerful platform for recontact, omnibus, & custom research with Affluents.
  • Available statistically fused with Nielsen’s NPM television ratings, providing program & C3-specific ratings for financially-elite targets defined with Ipsos Affluent data.
  • Also fused with comScore (provider of online audience measurement) offering the most comprehensive view of online & offline media consumption available.
  • Supplemented by the Ipsos Affluent Barometer, a quarterly online tracking study of Affluent optimism, expectations & attitudes.
The Ipsos Affluent Survey USA


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Delivering Affluent Market ROI

Subscribers have come to trust Ipsos Affluent Survey to inform their media decisions, focus their Affluent strategies, and better target their audiences.

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