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Ipsos Marketing Censydiam Suite

Censydiam is a modular suite of solutions which helps you develop growth strategies for your brands. It shows how brands can connect with deeper human motivations to gain true competitive advantage.

Censydiam Wheel

In a world where markets are becoming increasingly fragmented and blurred, Censydiam Market Structure uncovers category and cross category opportunities for growth, by helping you to better understand the marketplace from a consumer perspective.

Within a specific domain of products, Censydiam Perceptor enables your brand to increase its share or to create new demand by optimizing its resonance and relevance in the market. It defines innovation platforms and identifies very precisely which motivations — functional and emotional — your brand should tap into.

Once your strategy has been defined, Censydiam Monitor helps your brand to meet its objectives by tracking its perceptions and equity over time against positioning goals.

Censydiam Social gives brands the power to understand the impact of online communications, by revealing the motivations, emotions, and the “why” driving consumer discussion.

In all cases, Censydiam Activation sessions ensure that our brand growth recommendations are activated in your organization and embedded in your business.

censydiam market structure

Identifies category and cross category opportunities for growth

  • Shows your market structure from a consumer perspective, enabling you to visualize 'what competes with what'. By overlaying behavioral data or other business information onto the perceptual market structure map, it helps to understand the key dynamics operating in your market.
  • Evaluates potential brand stretch strategies by assessing size of the prize and feasibility of the opportunities. It tells you if your brand could stretch to other categories, or if it could extend and create new categories.
  • Identifies the competitive frame of reference for new concepts, to ascertain in which (sub)categories these new concepts will fall into, or in which new domains they will compete.

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censydiam Perceptor

Within a defined domain of products, Censydiam Perceptor optimizes brand relevance and defines innovation platforms

Censydiam Perceptor offers two brand growth modules, which can be used separately or in combination, according to your business questions:

  • Brand Positioner indicates the most cost effective route for optimizing your brand equity and increasing your market share. It identifies the key drivers of choice and measures how consumers perceive brands on different facets of motivations (functional and emotional).
  • Motivation Landscape helps you to better understand what consumers 'really want' by measuring their core motivations for engaging in a category. It provides you with a motivational needs segmentation to gain insights into 'who' to target and 'how' to activate. When combined with Brand Positioner, it reveals the gaps between what people 'want' and how brands 'deliver' against this. As such it enables to go beyond current choice drivers and to assess true innovation opportunities and platforms for growth.

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censydiam monitor

Once your strategy has been defined, Censydiam Monitor tracks how brand perceptions and equity evolve over time and helps you to optimize your marketing investments.

It can be conducted at any stage to monitor brand growth. It is the best and most consistent solution to check that your brand is moving in the right direction and achieving its defined positioning goals.

We adopt economy-of-measure principles and focus on getting information only on 'what matters', so that Censydiam Monitor is light and easy to implement. Censydiam Monitor can either be plugged into a broader brand tracking or kept as a light stand-alone brand growth monitoring system.

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censydiam activation

Turns insights into action and business outcomes

Censydiam Activation aims at maximizing the insights and actionability of our research findings. It includes interactive workshops conducted in collaboration with our client teams.

  • Bringing Segments to Life: developing clear segment portraits and illustrations to help you embrace the segmentation and use it for key marketing decisions.
  • Brand Positioning: activating the optimum brand positioning opportunities and developing key elements of your brand's proposition.
  • Innovation Insights: translating the innovation platforms into consumer insights and developing testable ideas/early concepts to really kick-start your innovation process.

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