What is Your Archetype IQ?

At Ipsos InnoQuest, we have identified 12 Archetypes into which consumer packaged goods innovations can be classified. Our Archetype IQ System is based on consumer evaluations from 10,000+ cases in our concept database. Each Archetype has its own personality profile based on key performance indicators.

The 12 Archetypes are aimed at helping marketers gain a deeper understanding of their innovations and decide on specific courses of action. For example, an innovation identified as a Breakthrough Archetype will meet consumers’ needs in a unique way – however, the marketer will need to find ways to convince them that the product will deliver. An innovation identified as a ‘Niche/Targeted’ Archetype will require the marketer to think differently and decide if the innovation should be targeted, reworked to appeal to a broader audience, or stopped completely.

In a competitive and complex world, the Archetype IQ System helps marketers identify areas of product development that may be missed, or reveal new ideas and opportunities that help invigorate a brand.

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