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At Ipsos, we understand your business, your stakeholders, and your clients. From syndicated core studies to qualitative, conceptual understanding; from pulse opinion polls to customized online research, we have the tool, product, or approach that fits your need. And if you can't find the right solution here, we can create one that works for you.

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Featured Products & Tools

  • ASI:BrandShout

    ASI:BrandShout taps into the power of mobile to ask about brand experiences at the very moment they happen, letting you read how people react, respond, and interact with your brand – whenever and wherever those experiences occur.

  • Global @dvisor

    Ipsos Global @dvisor Monthly Syndicate Service is a 24 country, online, monthly syndicated research service used to generate information for media and clients. Every month, we complete 500 to 1,000 online interviews per country.

  • U.S. Omnibus Services

    At Ipsos, we offer regional, national, international or specialty group omnibuses. Our professional research staff provides their expertise in the development and/or fine-tuning of survey questions.

Our Methodology

Our innovative methodologies continuously evolve with our clients' research needs. We employ every avenue available to truly connect with your audiences—from the traditional to the cutting-edge. Our qualitative and quantitative methodologies capture insight from every angle: online and offline, in-person and interactive—and they can always be customized to reach your business goals.

Our Methodology

Syndicated Studies

  • Mendelsohn Affluent Survey
    A syndicated program now in its 34th year, the Mendelsohn Affluent Survey is an annual study that focuses on the top 20% of U.S. households, looking at both their spending and media consumption habits
  • Global @dvisor
    A 24-country, online, monthly, syndicated research service, the Global @dvisor platform is used to produce syndicated reports and studies specifically tailored to the needs of corporation, advertising and PR agencies, and governments