App Overload? A Cheat Sheet for the Best Ways to Stay Connected and Discover New Things in 2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New York, NY – If you’re feeling busy or stressed out as 2016 kicks into gear, you’re not alone. New research from Ipsos reveals that while Americans are feeling more connected than ever, they also feel their lives are more demanding and complex, and many are turning to social media as a means of relief.

Among the 5,000+ regular users of social media1 in the US who participated in the study, an overwhelming 80% agreed that life today is busier than compared to a generation ago, is more demanding (77%) and causes more information overload (78%). Females in the Gen X and Boomer generations report feeling these negative pressures the most, whereas younger males are more optimistic overall.

At the same time, social media usage continues to rise overall. 53% of adults 18-64 now regularly use two or more of the social platforms we evaluated. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are most commonly used among this set, with females and Millennials leading the way in usage overall.

When asked which social media sites and apps are best suited to fulfill various needs, the Ipsos study revealed unique strengths across different channels, many of which pointed to a desire for everyday escape, inspiration and organization.

“Similar to other findings across research Ipsos has done related to social media, we often find there is unique utility to every social media platform,” says Menaka Gopinath, President of Ipsos Social Media Exchange in North America. “People have different motivations, needs and desires they are looking to address by leveraging social media platforms. Ultimately, though, social media is all about empowering the everyday person.”

So sit back, relax, and take a look at which of your favorite apps are best for finding inspiration and tackling your various goals in 2016.

1. Take control of your daily planning

Struggling to find time for daily tasks such as planning meals or staying healthy? Over half of users surveyed say Pinterest is the top site for helping them stay on top of everyday organization. Moms in particular say they turn to Pinterest for planning daily meals, whereas Millennials are more likely than others to use Pinterest for finding fitness tips.

2. Find more “me” time

If you’re looking to relax and take some more time for yourself, make Pinterest, Facebook or Tumblr your personal retreats. Moms especially turn to Pinterest and Facebook to relax and relieve stress, while Millennials lean towards Tumblr.

3. Stay connected

If you want to spend more time connecting with friends and family this year, Facebook is the place to be. LinkedIn is your best bet for connecting with professional connections.

4. Keep up with the world

Follow the latest news, sports and politics on Facebook and Twitter. And if you’re looking to increase your regular dose of celebrity updates, add Instagram to the list as well.

5. Discover something new

Who doesn’t love to be inspired by a new discovery? People think Pinterest is the best platform to turn to for learning and creative expression compared to any other social platform. Tumblr and Instagram are also popular destinations among Millennials to express creativity.

6. Plan ahead

If you’re the type of person who likes to feel prepared for your next big project, holiday or vacation, make Pinterest your long-term organizer too. Both Moms and Millennials favor Pinterest over all other sites for help in planning and collecting ideas for projects.

Cheers to a happy, relaxing and productive new year!

1Defined as anyone who uses two or more of the listed social media platforms at least 1x per month.

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App Overload? A Cheat Sheet for the Best Ways to Stay Connected and Discover New Things in 2016


Elen Alexov
Director, Marketing Services,
North America

Jared Mack
Vice President
Ipsos MediaCT
Menaka Gopinath
President, North America
Ipsos SMX