New Advertising Research Solution Assesses ‘Connection’ Between Consumers and Brand Messages

Ipsos ASI Launches Next*Connect Research Solution; Ensures Advertising Investments Deliver Even In Toughest of Times

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

New York, NY – As the global recession lingers and consumers continue to reign back spending – advertisers continue to look for ways to ensure that their brand communications resonate and ultimately deliver. With the stakes higher than ever, Ipsos ASI announces the launch of Next*Connect, the company’s latest advertising research solution. Next*Connect is a sophisticated interactive research tool that digs for deeper insight into the effectiveness of client advertising creative. It achieves this by measuring and testing communications across all areas of the advertising spectrum—from emerging digital media to more traditional forms.

“Next*Connect launches Ipsos ASI into new media testing in a definitive way,” says Lana Busignani, President of Global Product Innovation at Ipsos ASI. “The multi-media exposure within Next*Connect not only replicates the real-world experience of today’s consumer but creates a credible environment for evaluating traditional and new media in one place with the reliability of measurement Ipsos ASI has always offered the market.”

With Next*Connect, consumers are carefully screened and recruited to take part in research to assess client messages and advertising creative. Respondents complete an online survey where they are exposed to a variety of media. Results are compared against a control group that was not exposed to any advertising allowing Ipsos ASI’s research experts to assess the true brand impact of the communication.

“Next*Connect accounts for a number of real world issues that arise when measuring and assessing the potential of creative and ad concepts,” adds Dave Walker, Senior Vice President of Research Analytics at Ipsos ASI. “It takes into account the complexity of today’s world, it doesn’t ask consumers about things they can’t reliably know and it ensures that ads are remembered.”

The Next*Connect multimedia platform offers a number of advantages found in no other copy testing system:

Cutting through the Clutter

It can be difficult for ads to break through the clutter and capture consumer attention. By showcasing ads as they are experienced in media, creating an abundance of noise, and carefully masking the actual test ad(s), Next*Connect offers a more accurate assessment of impact.

Making Sure Ads are Remembered

It’s not enough to create a great ad—a successful ad is remembered over time. By measuring recall the day after initial exposure, Next*Connect determines if and how well the ad is truly remembered.

Observation and Emotion

There are some things consumers don’t know or can’t reliably explain which is why Next*Connect has been designed to observe and derive the results. It also accounts for emotion because emotions matter—they influence consumer reactions to the brand and they influence the behaviors that follow.

“We offer one of the most robust databases available in the world and have built our communication testing tools off of results from more than 80,000 commercials in over 25 different countries. This means we are able to effectively measure how advertising creative can potentially impact sales, contribute to brand equity, and optimize effectiveness,” adds Busignani. “This new approach is leading-edge for our industry and offers the added benefit of creating a more interactive, visual and enjoyable experience for our respondent which is an increasingly important issue for our industry.”

Ipsos ASI is offering a 30 minute online demonstration of Next*Connect on Wednesday, October 14. Those interested in finding out more about the session and registration should visit:

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New Advertising Research Solution Assesses ‘Connection’ Between Consumers and Brand Messages

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