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When It Comes To Professions, Whom Do We Trust? Canadians Point To Pharmacists And Doctors As The Most ‘Trustworthy’ Professions – While CEOs, Politicians, And Car Salespeople Are Viewed As The Least Trustworthy“Doctors” Have Most Desirous Profession According To Canadians, Followed By Teachers and Police – Plumbers And Working In Judicial System Are Least Desirable

Monday, January 22, 2007

Toronto, ON – A new Canada Speaks survey released today by Sympatico/MSN reports that Canadians rate “firefighters” (93%) as the most ‘trustworthy’ profession in Canada, followed by “nurses” (87%), “pharmacists” (86%), “airline pilots” (81%), and “doctors” (80%). Among the least trusted professions, according to the survey, are “Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)” (21%), “trade unions” (19%), “local” (12%) and “national” (7%) politicians, and “car salespeople” (7%). The poll was conducted for Sympatico / MSN by Ipsos Reid.

When it comes to which profession Canadians consider to be most desirable for them, “doctors” (14%) top the list, followed by “teachers” (9%), “police” (7%), “nurses” (7%), and “firefighters” (7%). Meanwhile, professions such as “plumbers” and those working in the “judicial system” are regarded as the least desirable professional avenues.

Opinions about the trustworthiness of various professions have remained fairly consistent since this survey was first conducted by Ipsos Reid in 2002. However, there have been some notable movements among a few different professional groups:

  • Both “chiropractors” (rated 12th, up from 15th in 2002) and “plumbers” (rated 15th, up from 21st in 2002) are viewed as more trustworthy today than they were in 2002; while
  • “The Judicial system” (rated 18th, down from 13th in 2002) is regarded as less trustworthy today than it was in 2002.

When asked to identify the level of importance of various attributes in their personal assessment of the trustworthiness of professions and associations, Canadians point to measures of “integrity” (67%), “commitment to promises” (64%) and “reliability” (62%) as extremely important considerations. Meanwhile, other issues, such as “professionalism” (45%), “reputation” (35%), “personal experience” (32%) and “contribution to society” (22%) are usually seen as being less important to them.

The “Medical research industry” (57%), the “airline industry” (52%), and the “technology industry” (49%) are the most trusted industries for Canadians. Meanwhile, the “advertising industry” (14%), the “oil industry” (12%) and the “tobacco industry” (7%) are regarded as the least trustworthy industries. Since 2002:

  • The “airline industry” (rated 2nd, up from 5th), the “financial planning industry” (9th, up from 15th), the “investment advisory industry” (12th, up from 20th) and the “cable television industry” (13th, up from 21st) are professions/associations that have risen notably in terms of their perceived trustworthiness; while
  • The “national retail/department stores” (rated 10th, down from 3rd) and “consumer household product companies” (16th, down from 11th) have slipped substantively since 2002.

“Quality of product” (71%) and “customer service” (69%) are rated as the most important attributes for Canadians when assessing the reputation and trustworthiness of a company or industry. Other measures such as “innovation” (17%) or “advertising” (7%) are seen as far less important in this regard.

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These are the findings of an Ipsos-Reid poll conducted from Dec 21-27th, 2006 via a regionally representative online Canadian sample of 1000 adult Canadians. For this sample, results can be considered accurate 95% of the time with a 3.1% margin of error, of what it would have been had this entire population been surveyed.

Firefighters Top List As Most Trusted Profession For Canadians…

Trustworthiness of Professions

Most Trusted Professions Change from 2002 to 2006

For Most Canadians, Integrity, Commitment to Promises, And Reliability Are Extremely Important Factors In Determining Trustworthiness…

Importance Of Factors In Determining Trustworthiness

Most Trusted Industries: Medical Research (57%) Is Most Trusted…

Most Trusted Industry Change from 2002 to 2006

“Quality Of Product” And “Customer Service” Are Considered the Most Important Factors In Evaluation Reputation/Trustworthiness Of Companies Or Industries…

Importance Of Factors In Determining Trustworthiness of A Company or Industry

Doctors (14%) And Teachers (9%) Are Most Desirable Profession

Most Desired Profession

Demographic Findings…

  • Those with higher levels of household income have the highest levels of trust towards “doctors” (60%), “teachers” (45%), “the police” (46%), “day care workers” (38%) and “accountants” (29%).
  • Albertans are the least trusting of daycare workers (21%).
  • Residents of Quebec are the least trusting of those in the “the armed forces” (25%), while Ontarians (49%) are the most trusting of the military.
  • Residents of Saskatchewan/Manitoba (31%0 are the most trusting of those working in religious institutions, while those in Quebec (15%) are the least trusting of them.
  • The newspaper industry is least trusted in Alberta (3%) and is most trusted in Saskatchewan/Manitoba (15%).
  • In Saskatchewan/Manitoba teaching (15%) is the profession considered most desirous.
  • Those living in Saskatchewan/Manitoba are the most likely to say they would like to work in a “religious institution” (8%) while those in Quebec (1%) are the least likely to say this.

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