Thought Starter: Canadians & Canoes

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Compiled by Statistics Canada in 2010, Canadians spent more than $11 billion on special gifts ranging from fragrances, to intimate apparel, jewelry, novelties, and gift cards. Not to mention the billions more spent on flowers, chocolates, wine, and dinners out.

This month, we wondered how many Canadians planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2013, and how the data would differ when examined by gender, age, and a few basic demographics such as those who are married and/or have children. The results of our eNation survey conducted in January 2013 show that most Canadians (53%), whether or not in relationship, give Valentine’s Day a thumbs up, saying we should all take a day to celebrate love.

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Thought Starter: Canadians & Canoes

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Rhys Gibb
Vice President, Canada
Ipsos Public Affairs