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Should Coding Be Compulsory for Kids?

Should Coding Be Compulsory for Kids?

Public Affairs The Globe & Mail, August 24, 2015 – For today’s parents, looking for ways to give our kids an advantage in the business world has nearly turned into...

August 31, 2015

Wine or Whine?

This month we asked Americans, who enjoy a cocktail at least occasionally, about their wine consumption. Our latest Ipsos Omnibus survey shows wine... Public Affairs

Healthcare on the Minds of Canadians

Canadians have identified healthcare as a top issue of national concern since the 1990’s, but public expectations of the healthcare system continue... Public Affairs

Women, Technology and Democracy

Ipsos Public Affairs recently completed a study on behalf of the NDI (the National Democratic Institute) to better understand how women interact with... Public Affairs

Designing Authentic, Credible, and Effective Corporate Social Programs

Corporate sustainability or social responsibility programs have benefits beyond being a responsible member of the global community. In addition to... Public Affairs