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Women, Technology and Democracy

Women, Technology and Democracy

Public Affairs Ipsos Public Affairs recently completed a study on behalf of the NDI (the National Democratic Institute) to better understand how women interact with...

July 27, 2015

Designing Authentic, Credible, and Effective Corporate Social Programs

Corporate sustainability or social responsibility programs have benefits beyond being a responsible member of the global community. In addition to... Public Affairs

Is Outdoor Cooking America’s Favorite Pastime?

Summer is finally here so we asked Americans about their eating and drinking habits during the warmer weather. Our latest Ipsos Omnibus survey shows... Public Affairs

Most Workers are Satisfied with Their Job but Not Their Salary

Eight in ten (85%) of Americans are satisfied with their jobs; however most would change something if possible, or at least this is what a recent... Public Affairs

Summertime Means Vacation Time

With summer around the corner, we asked Americans about their vacation plans for 2015 in our latest Ipsos Omnibus survey. Seven in ten (69%) of... Public Affairs