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FYI (Free Year-round Insights)

FYI: Free Year-round Insights

FYI (Free Year-round Insights) is a no cost series of articles that focus on the issues found in today's ever changing media, content and technology ecosystem.

These valuable insights from our experts provide an inside look at the evolving media and entertainment marketplace. While we have no set publication date for each paper, they are written and released when our experts see change afoot.

The content is dictated by our passion and curiosity towards the developing issues in the media, content and technology space, and the goal for these articles is to help readers better understand new developments shaping media consumption. Topics range from traditional media such as television to discussion of social media, mobile, and new devices, all with a focus on how today's consumers are using and sharing content in this ever changing, ever growing industry.

We welcome feedback and a healthy discussion on the topics we're covering. If you'd like to provide either, please contact me.

Peter Minnium
President, US
Ipsos Connect

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