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Sports in Affluent Lives

Sports in Affluent Lives

Media, Content and Technology In an era of media fragmentation and long-tailed niche interests, sports remains one of the few truly widespread passions. In this White Paper, we...

December 22, 2014

Marketing to U.S. Hispanics on Facebook: Mobile, Culture and Discovery

With the Hispanic population becoming more and more of a force in the U.S., Facebook tapped media, content and technology research specialists Ipsos... Media, Content and Technology

FYI: The Twitter Effect: Understanding Twitter's Role in TV Behaviors

At Ipsos, we have done a vast amount of research on the topic of Influencers and TV. Our recent paper offers a comprehensive view of the level of... Media, Content and Technology

Women, Power & Money: A Webinar Featuring Wave 6 of Our Global Study

During this recently recorded webinar, the speakers share the detailed results from Wave 6 of Women, Power & Money – a global study explores the... Media, Content and Technology

FYI: Earthquake! How The TV Landscape Continues To Change

With there now existing many different ways to watch TV other than the traditional ‘live’ or DVR formats, there is a lot of interest in the impact of... Media, Content and Technology