Drivers Analysis and Simulation at Ipsos

Today’s marketing landscape is a complicated web of media, messages, and consumer expectations. Consumers are being bombarded from multiple directions by advertising, and the number of options available to them is exploding.

In this increasingly complex world of brand and consumer interaction, marketers are challenged to create order out of the chaos and find out what’s really important to their customers. What are the factors that influence a consumer’s shopping decisions? What elements of a brand are they considering when making a purchase? What are the essential ingredients to increasing customer satisfaction?

Over the last few years, researchers in the Ipsos Science Center have investigated the relative effectiveness of methods commonly used to identify these key drivers. This research resulted in a set of best practices for drivers analysis (and relatedly, simulations of variable impacts).

Download our comprehensive white paper to read more about The Ipsos Bayes Net (IBN) drivers method and see why some of Ipsos' clients have adopted it as their sole method for conducting brand equity driver analysis.

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Drivers Analysis and Simulation at Ipsos

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Bruce Tedesco
Chief Science Officer
Ipsos Science Center