Feeding Your Need For Insight: A Webinar Featuring Food & Beverage Consumption Trends in Canada

Speakers: Kathy Perrotta
Recorded Date: Thursday, November 17, 2016
Duration: 41 Minutes

During this recorded webinar (see the link below) we examine the evolving food and beverage consumption trends in Canada.

Back in the good old days, what to eat and drink used to be such an easy decision, often dictated by weekly rituals, routines and habits. Meals and even snacking were often planned occasions sourced from well-stocked pantries throughout the day. As such, impromptu, impulsive eating was an infrequent behaviour born out of unique circumstances or extreme emergencies.

As pressures on work and home life schedules mount, consumers increasingly feel the pinch of conflicting priorities. The daily rigor of meal planning, shopping and preparation is often too time-consuming and work intensive, thereby giving way to meal occasions that require minimal planning and meet needs around mood, impulse and spontaneity.

In order to succeed in 2016 and beyond, businesses will need to continue to build their understanding of key food and beverage trends that shape needs and influence behaviour. View this webinar for Canadian-specific insights covering:

  1. The Big Picture Show — Macro Factors Influencing Needs
  2. Traditional Meal Occasions
    • Breakfast — Healthy and Hearty
    • Lunch — Quick Convenience
    • Dinner — Together Time
    • Snack — Balancing Act
  3. YEMPS — Young Educated Millennial Parents
  4. Re-Defining Health in 2016
  5. Gen Z — The Next Ones

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Feeding Your Need For Insight: A Webinar Featuring Food & Beverage Consumption Trends in Canada

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41 Minutes


Kathy Perrotta
Vice President, Canada
Ipsos Marketing

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