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Webinar: Fall in Love with Online Communities for Product Testing

February 2017
26 Minutes

Watch this webinar to hear case studies and methods for engaging hard to reach targets, obtaining a holistic understanding of product performance and...     

#NoMoreBoringSurveys: A Webinar Case Study Illustrating When & How to Gamify Your Research

January 2017
29 Minutes

Need to better understand your customers, employees, citizens or stakeholders? A Custom Panel offers an ongoing survey environment with regular...     

Feeding Your Need For Insight: A Webinar Featuring Food & Beverage Consumption Trends in Canada

November 2016
41 Minutes

During this recorded webinar (see the link below) we examine the evolving food and beverage consumption trends in Canada. Back in the good old...     

'Show Me' Don't 'Tell Me': Uncovering Product Insights with Video & Image Analysis

October 2016
36 Minutes

When it comes to product testing with consumers, we believe in the power of video and image uploads to garner authentic, in the moment engagement,...