Ipsos FIVE Monthly Fact – March 2017

Companies across Canada rely on Ipsos FIVE’s daily tracking of what individuals eat and drink. Our robust sample detailing the consumption behaviour and attitudes of 20,000 Canadians annually trended over time, coupled with the experience and expertise of the FIVE research team, ensures that key business issues are addressed with actionable insights to help our clients uncover and capitalize on opportunities to grow their businesses.

Recent findings from the study reveal:

Upcoming Spring/Summer Long Weekends Offer Opportunity for Indulgent Snacks

With the warm weather fast approaching, there is big opportunity for growing the consumption rates of indulgent snacks like Chocolate and Potato Chips. Ipsos’ FIVE study examines the top factors driving snacking choice at special occasions throughout the year.

  Indexed to Traditional Snacks
  Chocolate Potato Chips
Major Holiday
Christmas Eve/Day/Boxing Day 133 102
New Year’s Eve/Day 104 118
Easter Weekend 71 84
Thanksgiving Weekend 72 59
Special Occasion
Halloween 203 135
Valentine’s Day 157 77
Super Bowl 8 162
Spring/Summer Holidays
Victoria Day 27 41
Canada Day 74 87
Civic Holiday 78 87
Labour Day Weekend 90 128

R24M Ending December 2016
Basis of Measure % of Eating Occurences
≥120 Over Index, ≤80 = Under Index

Ipsos FIVE Monthly Fact – March 2017


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