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Welcome to the archive section of Ipsos Loyalty Pipeline; a briefing of recent news and commentary from Ipsos Loyalty – The Customer and Employee Research Specialists – available exclusively to clients and friends of Ipsos.

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2016 Editions

August 2016

  • Do You Need to Pull the Plug on Your VOC Software?
  • Here, There & Everywhere
  • Decisions, Decisions
  • Habits that Lead to Truth, Pain, Delight
  • Customer Experience and Critical Incidents

2015 Editions

November 2015

  • Discovering Text Analytics
  • Curating Loyalty
  • A Community Approach
  • Managing the Customer Experience
  • Mobile Magic with GPS Tracking

September 2015

  • It's No Secret
  • Diamonds in the Rough
  • A Dynamic Duo
  • Increase Engagement & Satisfaction
  • Three-Times as Powerful

July 2015

  • Increasing Engagement
  • Segmenting Mobile Payments
  • Keeping Love Strong

May 2015

  • Perceptions Are Relative
  • We Know Where Your Customers Are
  • Mystery Shopping

March 2015

  • What's Not To Love
  • Understanding Retail Performance
  • Why EFM is Big
  • 'Mark Up' Your ROI
  • Agent Performance & EFM

January 2015

  • The Reality of Wearables
  • Call Center Optimization
  • Banking on Better ROI
  • The Wallet Allocation Rule: Chapter 1
  • Seven Steps To Successful Customer Experience Measurement Programs

2014 Editions

November 2014

  • Bank On Better ROI
  • Customer Experience Insights in 24 hours (or less)
  • China's Auto-Parts Market to Double
  • TripBarometer Reveals the Psychology of Travel

September 2014

  • Get Ready for Holiday Shoppers
  • Getting into the Game with Sports Sponsorships
  • Don't Get Lost in the EFM Maze
  • Keeping an Eye on Retirement

July 2014

  • Big Researchers Must Win in Big Data
  • Benchmark for Success
  • Get The Insider’s View
  • Beware Money Losing Delighters
  • Getting In The Game

May 2014

  • The Ultimate Analysis
  • The HIGH Price of Satisfaction
  • The Future is NOW
  • Measuring Share of Wallet

March 2014

  • Meet The Team
  • The HIGH Price of Satisfaction
  • Eeep. "DIY" Voice of the Customer Research
  • Isn't It Time for a Reality Check?
  • Why You Should Love Big Data

January 2014

  • A 30-Minute Webinar About Why Big Data Will Be Big in 2014
  • A Mystery Shopping Reality Check
  • An Active Learning Workshop for Leaders
  • What's The Occasion?
  • Are Your Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Net Promoter Scores Flat Lined?

2013 Editions

November 2013

  • ITC Training Center
  • EFM Made Easy
  • November 19 Webinar — It's Not Too Late to Register
  • How to Capitalize on EFM
  • A Sports Fan's Examination of EFM
  • To Mystery Shop or Conduct Satisfaction Surveys?
  • Technology Expert Joins Ipsos Loyalty

September 2013

  • Win A Google Nexus 4 Smartphone
  • Business Made Simple
  • Surviving In The Desert And The Ocean
  • Award Winners. Innovators. Educators. Authors.

July 2013

  • The Real Meaning of EFM
  • Wallet Allocation Optimizer Webinar
  • Make Your Mystery Shopping Program Better Today
  • EFM — Three big changes for big company employees
  • Loyalty programs are everywhere — but are they any good?

May 2013

  • Enterprise Feedback Management: All You Need To Know Is In The Name!
  • Drive Real Business Results In 2013
  • Spotlight On Loyalty
  • Share Of Wallet Case Study
  • On The Week
  • And Published Elsewhere

March 2013

  • Fast Track Your Voice of Customer Programs
  • VoC Fusion 2013
  • Don't Get Stuck In The Mud
  • Ipsos Loyalty — Why Choose Us?

January 2013

  • 10 Things You Don't Know
  • Don't Just Survey Your Customers – Optimize Their Experience
  • Share of Wallet

2012 Editions

November 2012

  • Big Data Meets EFM
  • Understanding Customer Experience in the Retail Environment
  • SoLoMoCo

September 2012

  • Big Data Meets EFM
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Driven Transformation

July 2012

  • WAO! Harvard Business Review Article
  • WAO! 5 minute Introductory Video
  • WAO! Recorded 30 minute Deep Dive Webinar
  • WAO! White Paper

May 2012

  • Thought Starter: Market Research You'll LUV
  • Ideal Customer Experience
  • Loyalty Management Consulting
  • Healthcare Highlights

March 2012

  • Market Research You'll LUV
  • Voice of Customer Leverages Mobile Apps
  • What's Hot in Mystery Shopping
  • NEW Case Studies Highlight Return on Loyalty
  • Product Feature: Guest24

January 2012

  • Using Mobile Apps to Capture In-Store Customer Experience Insight
  • What's Hot in Mystery Shopping
  • Customer Experience Leadership Conference
  • Point of View: Know and Grow Your Share – The Wallet Allocation Rule
  • Ideascale: A Dynamic Mobile Application Solution

2011 Editions

November 2011

  • HealthConnexion: Get Engaged
  • Recorded Webinar: Grow Your Share With The Wallet Allocation Rule
  • Using Mobile Apps To Capture In-Store Customer Experience Insight

September 2011

  • Webinar: Grow Your Share With the Wallet Allocation Rule
  • Shopper Strategies LEAD Marketing Conference
  • HealthConnexion: Get Engaged

July 2011

  • Measuring Your Wallet Allocation Rule
  • Experience is Everything
  • Consumer Insights Get Twice the Recognition

May 2011

  • Wage WAR on Your Competitors
  • The Impact of Willingness to Recommend on New-to-Market Service Brand Extension Within a Social Network

March 2011

  • Does Satisfaction Matter More if a Multichannel Customer is also a Multi-company Customer?
  • An Investigation of the Cross-National Determinants of Customer Satisfaction
  • It's Time for the Financial Industry to Listen to Consumers

January 2011

  • Return on Loyalty
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Financial Service Firms Win on Satisfaction, Lose on Brandy Affinity
  • Americans Love Their Gaming Consoles As Much As Their Cars
  • Loyalty Matters in America
  • A 3-Part Series
  • Return on Loyalty Model
  • C3 - Customers in Three Dimensions

2010 Editions

2009 Editions

2008 Editions

2007 Editions

2006 Editions