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    Using Behavioral Economics for New Product Success


    Want insights into the relevance of behavioral economics to new product adoption? Using case studies to illustrate how abstract psychological concepts such as the status quo bias can be captured via text analysis of open ended responses to new...

    Unhealthy Foods: Is Intervention the Answer?

    Public Affairs

    The answer is no, insofar as public opinion in the U.S. is concerned. Using research conducted by Ipsos in 22 countries examining opinions and perceptions towards different types and levels of government intervention on unhealthy foods, the findings...

    Managing Brand Equity with Social Data


    In this article we discuss why side-by-side intelligence boosts brand health trackers like never before. Discover what happens when we combine the individual insight benefits gathered from social media data with survey data. Spoiler alert: Done...

    How to Qualify Experiential Innovations


    When faced with the qualification of apps, digital services and other experiential innovations, product developers and marketers need to modify and adapt typical research protocols. Here’s how.

    Framing With Competitive Context


    In this article, we discuss how traditional approaches to concept testing ignore one of the most important findings in Behavioral Economics, the implications of ignoring it, and how our approach to concept testing best applies the principle.

    The Vanishing Front End as a Threat to Impulse Purchasing


    Impulse purchases at the front end of retail stores are being impacted by self-checkout and new shopping technologies. Our research looks to optimize front end impulse sales across a variety of categories.

    Can Behavioral Economics Capture Brand Equity?


    There is a prevailing belief that behavioral economics is primarily about the unconscious, and consequently asking direct questions is useless. This paper discusses how to apply behavioral economics to brand equity and how surveys can be modified to...

    Affluents' Changing of the Generational Guard

    Media, Content and Technology

    For the first time, the Affluent population of the United States has more Generation Xers than Baby Boomers, signaling a generational “changing of the guard,” according to the 2015 Ipsos Affluent Survey USA. Discover what that means for your target...

    Leveraging Social Wisdom for Better Community Insights


    As market researchers we intrinsically understand the importance of engaging consumers in every stage of the product life cycle, from ideation and co-creation through concept testing, marketing and innovation. Consumer engagement is particularly...

    The Rise of Branded Content: The Top 3 Considerations


    There has been a lot of buzz in marketing circles about branded content over the last year or so. It’s hard to open an industry publication or even your own LinkedIn account without reading or seeing something about this ever-increasingly important...