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Ipsos Ideas

Ipsos Ideas

Each monthly issue of Ipsos Ideas delivers insights and ideas that Ipsos researchers have gleaned from their work in each of the company’s five research specialties: advertising, loyalty, marketing, media, and public affairs research.

Managing Brand Equity with Social Data

December 2015

In this article we discuss why side-by-side intelligence boosts brand health trackers like never before. Discover what happens when we combine the...     

The Rise of Branded Content: The Top 3 Considerations

September 2015

There has been a lot of buzz in marketing circles about branded content over the last year or so. It’s hard to open an industry publication or even...     

Clearing the Fog on Neuroscience

December 2014

As an advocate of applied neuroscience, I want to address some misunderstandings of what Consumer Neuroscience is, and importantly, what it can and...     

Advertising Research – Earlier is Better

December 2013

As an advertising researcher, I would argue that the value of early stage research is in uncovering strategic insight versus "go/no go"...