Beyond the Price Tag

Beyond the Price Tag

Marketing Pricing strategies are generally based on the “visible price”, the price stated on the label. Behavioral Economics helps us understand that the true...

November 28, 2014

Majority (54%) of Global Citizens Support International Coalition’s Airstrikes Against ISIL

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – A survey of citizens in 24 countries reveals that a majority (54%) support the international coalition’s airstrikes... Public Affairs

Global Citizens Feel More Vulnerable Than They Did One Year Ago

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – A survey of citizens in 23 countries reveals that they feel more vulnerable today than they did a year ago – not much... Public Affairs

83% of Global Internet Users Believe Affordable Access to the Internet Should be a Basic Human Right

Ottawa, Canada – A survey of Internet users in 24 countries has found that 83% of them believe that affordable access to the internet should be a... Public Affairs

FYI: Earthquake! How The TV Landscape Continues To Change

With there now existing many different ways to watch TV other than the traditional ‘live’ or DVR formats, there is a lot of interest in the impact of... Media, Content and Technology

Ipsos Global @dvisory: The Economic Pulse of the World — November 2014

The report, titled “Ipsos Global @dvisory: The Economic Pulse of the World” is based on 18,084 recent interviews in 25 countries around the world.... Public Affairs