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Because Choice Depends on Context: A Webinar About Framing Your Concept Tests

December 2015
23:18 Minutes

Integrating Behavioral Economics (BE) into your concept testing will help you make better decisions on which products have the greatest potential...     

Driving Innovation: A Webinar Featuring Qualitative Research Techniques For The Automotive Sector

December 2015
50:15 Minutes

This co-presentation features Ipsos qualitative experts together with leaders from RDA Group, a recently acquired global provider of...     

When, How and... Wow: A Webinar Featuring The Power of Ethnographic Techniques

December 2015
50 Minutes

View this recorded webinar featuring published author and Ipsos moderator Deborah Potts, consumer anthropologist and ethnography expert Liza...     

Fuel Your Craving for Insight: A Webinar Featuring Consumption Trends in Canada

November 2015
46 Minutes

How Canadians eat and drink continues to shift. This should not be surprising, given how innately consumption behaviour is tied to the changing...