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'Show Me' Don't 'Tell Me': Uncovering Product Insights with Video & Image Analysis

October 2016
36 Minutes

When it comes to product testing with consumers, we believe in the power of video and image uploads to garner authentic, in the moment engagement,...     

Your Customers Are Not Even Being Honest with Themselves: A Webinar to Help You Get to the Truth

September 2016
46 Minutes

On the one hand, Samantha thinks of herself as a so-called fitness enthusiast, sporting her Fitbit and Under Armour gear. But at night, she is...     

Want to Write Better Concepts? A Red-Hot Webinar You Won't Want to Miss

August 2016
39 Minutes

Yes, yes you do! While highlighting tools for concept language are useful, their utility has traditionally been limited by subjective...     

The Ipsos Hispanic Center of Excellence: A Webinar To Grow Your Market Share

April 2016
53 Minutes

Did you know that Hispanics are the largest multicultural group in the U.S., representing nearly 20% of the population, and GROWING... View...