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Translating Brand Value into Tangible Customer Experiences: A Webinar About Aligning Brand and the Customer Journey

September 2016
43 Minutes

Today's marketplace is crowded with competitors, where brands require a clear understanding of their value propositions and aspirations to succeed....     

Webinar: 11 Ways Companies Damage Customer Relationships Via Compensation (#5 Will Shock You!)

September 2016
29 Minutes

Does CX + Employee $$$ = Success? Increasing backlash against connecting customer metrics to employee compensation suggests the equation is not so...     

Decisions, Decisions: A Webinar Leveraging Text Analytics for Deeper Customer Insights

July 2016
28 Minutes

Unstructured data, such as verbatim feedback, can provide actionable insights and intelligence. Venturing into the world of text mining and...     

Here, There and Everywhere: Aligning Your Omnichannel Retail Strategy with Customer Experience Research Best Practices

June 2016
55 Minutes

Brands can no longer afford to interact with customers in siloes, treating each customer channel as a singular and separate touchpoint. On the...