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Authentic Storytelling: 5 Rules for the New Frontier of Marketing


MarketingLand, November 4, 2016 – In this article, Ipsos’ Peter Minnium explains why brands need to market with authenticity to win consumers' trust...     

Micro-Target or Target Everyone?


What is the best way to get the right amount of reach but also the right precision? Some marketers are seduced by the promise of micro-targeted...     

Study Suggests Anti-Trump Ads May Turn Trump Supporters


Ad Age, October 17, 2016 This AdAge article by Kate Kaye features a recent study conducted by Ipsos SMX. Using a syndicated community, Ipsos...     

6 Secrets of Digital Storytelling


"Storytelling" is more than just an industry buzzword. Good stories can function as potent strategic business tools. In this article, Peter Minnium,...