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    to monitor the online and mobile
    activities of consumers in real-time
    using passive technology.

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    Ipsos' neuroscience solutions add a new perspective
    to evaluations of advertising, brand perceptions
    and shopper experience.

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News & Polls

What Canadians Want the Party Leaders to Talk About During the Election Campaign: Issues that Matter to them Personally


Toronto, ON – Amid mounting speculation that the election writ will be issued sooner rather than later, a new Ipsos poll conducted for Global News reveals what Canadians want their political parties to be talking about during the...     

With Writ Drop on Horizon, Two Front Running Parties Tied: Harper Conservatives (33%, +5) Close Gap on Mulcair NDP (34%, -1) as Trudeau Liberals Tumble (25%, -4)


Toronto, ON – With the Federal Election Writ drop on the horizon, the Harper Conservatives have reversed their recent slide and have closed the gap with the Mulcair NDP producing a tied vote between the two leading parties,...     

Knowledge & Ideas

Concepts Aren't Just for Products: A Webinar Featuring Approaches to Qualify Digital, Content and Experiential Innovations


With innovation increasingly focused on the experience rather than the product or service per se — e.g., with apps and digital content and services — marketers face a growing challenge in qualifying these innovations and determining which ones are...

Driving Greater Customer Insights: A Webinar Using Text Analytics To Increase Engagement


Text analytics enables organizations to make sense of huge volumes of textual data very quickly and cost effectively. Text Analytics uses a variety of computer processing techniques to extract themes and meaning from text data from survey open ends,...