• At Ipsos, we've developed a platform
    to monitor the online and mobile
    activities of consumers in real-time
    using passive technology.

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  • It's time to Change The Game

    The speed at which the world is changing inspires us
    to adapt quickly, with accurate and responsive insight.

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  • We're bringing concept testing
    to the digital age.

    See how you can get faster, deeper insights and
    guidance with our new approach to concept testing.

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  • Win where it counts most: in customers' spending!

    Discover how to win your customers' hearts,
    minds and wallets and stay ahead of your competitors
    in Ipsos Loyalty's new book, The Wallet Allocation Rule,
    a New York Times bestseller!

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  • We turn 40 this year!

    We've come a long way since 1975,
    and look forward to continuing to change
    the game of research with you throughout
    2015 and beyond.

  • Want deeper, richer insights?

    Ipsos' neuroscience solutions add a new perspective
    to evaluations of advertising, brand perceptions
    and shopper experience.

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News & Polls

Sharks: Half (51%) of Americans are Absolutely Terrified of Them and Many (38%) Scared to Swim in the Ocean Because of Them…


Washington DC – Though many Americans are terrified of them and scared to go into the water because of them, a majority believe sharks are vital for the ecosystem and should be protected from being hunted or killed unless absolutely...     

Ipsos Appoints Chief Marketing Officer in North America


New York, NY – Ipsos has appointed Jim Meyer, former CEO of Ipsos ASI in North America, to the newly created position of Chief Marketing Officer. In this post, Meyer will be responsible for developing and implementing marketing...     

Knowledge & Ideas

Competition Analysis and Identifying the Switchable Consumers


Over the past few years we have successfully applied the compete-models and switchable consumer analysis on credit card services, banking services, consumer products, and fast moving consuming goods, and we have found this to be a very versatile...

Is Outdoor Cooking America’s Favorite Pastime?

Public Affairs

Summer is finally here so we asked Americans about their eating and drinking habits during the warmer weather. Our latest Ipsos Omnibus survey shows the summer means starting up the grill and enjoying eating and drinking outside. Eight in ten (81%)...