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  • Full Speed Ahead: A Lightning Fast Case Study

    Full Speed Ahead: A Lightning Fast Case Study


    Even with the best planned research program, new questions and opportunities come up every day. Ipsos Mobile Overnight surveys are adapted for mobile interviewing, and allow companies to make decisions based on consumer input rather...     

  • Global @dvisor

    Global @dvisor

    Public Affairs

    Ipsos Global @dvisor Monthly Syndicate Service is a 24 country, online, monthly syndicated research service used to generate information for media and clients. Every month, we complete 500 to 1,000 online interviews per country.     

  • ASI:BrandShout


    ASI:BrandShout taps into the power of mobile to ask about brand experiences at the very moment they happen, letting you read how people react, respond, and interact with your brand – whenever and wherever those experiences occur.     

  • U.S. Omnibus Services

    Public Affairs

    At Ipsos, we offer regional, national, international or specialty group omnibuses. Our professional research staff provides their expertise in the development and/or fine-tuning of survey questions.     

News & Polls

American Moms Are Under Pressure: Their Finances, The Future, The Housework And ‘Being a Mom’ Found to Be Their Top Sources of Stress

New York, NY – Two-thirds (67%) of American moms say they are at least “somewhat” stressed, including 14% who say they are “very” stressed, according to Growing Pains: The Stresses of Being an American Mom, a new online survey of...    

Global News: Half of Torontonians willing to pay more to spend less time on TTC

TORONTO – Half of Torontonians are willing to pay more in taxes to get around faster, according to a new Ipsos Reid poll done exclusively for Global News.     

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Ipsos would like to warn you about a phishing scam that is periodically being perpetrated on individuals in the United States, in which a scammer posing as a legitimate market research firm will send you an email asking you to confirm personal information and offering a fee (often $180) per evaluation.
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